original penguin

In 1955, an ambitious salesman named Abbot Pederson traveled to NYC on a sales trip for the Munsingwear brand. With time to kill before a flight home, he decided to pop into a local bar for a few whiskeys. Little did he know, his next steps would stumble into history.

Taking a wrong turn down a Manhattan street, he oddly enough found himself outside a taxidermist’s shop. Deciding he needed a drinking buddy for the flight, he bought a penguin and named him Pete. At some point during the flight, and after another cocktail or three, he accidentally knocked the head off Pete the Penguin.

A seductive stewardess Pederson had been enjoying throughout the flight removed his necktie and wrapped it around the penguin’s neck. She joked that such a dapper bird deserved to be immortalized, maybe even on a shirt. With that idea - an icon was born.

In a matter of years, the Munsingwear Golf Shirt embroidered with Pete’s likeness, was synonymous with a league of legends including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Arnold Palmer, and Clint Eastwood. Today, Original Penguin embodies a mix of iconic American Sportswear with modern minded style into a diverse range of products for a full lifestyle brand. Made for originals, by originals.




Following an ethos based on artist David Hockney’s infamous quote – ‘We grow small trying to be great.’ Our philosophy combines current design with proven menswear classics, and a strong focus on quality fabrications, to produce timeless products with integrity.

Designed out of our Shoreditch studio, we look to use research from about the globe alongside subcultural movements, past and present, to build narrative and stories into our collections each season.

The brand has become renowned for its effortless, understated signature aesthetic; finding the balance between simplicity and sophistication to create the essentials of a modern wardrobe.


penn SPORT


Founded in Pennsylvania in 1910 Penn soon established themselves as one of the most iconic brand names in tennis. For over 100 years they have been at the forefront of many of the greatest sporting moments in tennis history and since their union with HEAD in 1999 togther they have been an ever present on the world tour and one of the ATP preferred global partners.

Fast forward to 2018 and the brand has proved that they go beyond racket sports by developing a brand that incorporates classic American sports style with an urban street edge. Penn combines its heritage in tennis with modern culture to create a retro sportswear brand that is recognised both on the ball and the streets.



monkee genes

In 2006 Monkee Genes was born out of frustration of the denim market, wanting to offer something fresh, vibrant and youthful, with an eco and ethical conscience. Founder Phil Wildbore wanted to prove that there is such a thing as looking fashionable whilst supporting sustainability. Fast forward to 2018 and the brand has grown in to an ethical fashion destination, with all of our garments made in GOTS Certified factories. We work hard to protect the people who make our clothes, working closely with our factories to ensure safe working conditions and a decent living wage. Our commitment to ethics paired with a innovative fits offers a point of difference to the denim market. All organic, all ethically produced, all fairly made!